L + J

I had such a great time with L + J, and their amazing family and friends. Everyone was so welcoming and accommodating to me on their wedding day. I actually got lost on my way to see the girls at my first stop of the day, and am so glad that type A part of my personality has me arriving early so that even when I do get lost, I am never late :P After a quick phone call I arrived to photograph some details, and Leah getting ready with her ladies! I snatched her dress and did some photos across the street in a park. It is so great when people trust me with their valuables enough to let me sneak away for those detail photos. Her cats also made an appearance!

Afterwards I headed over to St. Joseph's Catholic Church. As far as churches go, the staff are great and allowed me to move around, and the lighting isn't bad either! The ceremony was heartfelt, and also hilarious. I won't go into too much detail about the sermon, but ask the couple if you want a chuckle ;)

After the ceremony we headed down to the old zoo for photos. Leah had done a bit of a scout earlier in the week, and had found some beautiful spots for us to use! One of the prettiest spots we ended up in reminded me of the Dark Hedges in Ireland, which was unfortunately tick infested, so we moved along pretty quickly. Even though it was 35+ outside I honestly was not bothered by the heat so much, because I was enjoying the day.

At the reception the chatty emcees led us through the night, doing a few funny and long winded bits (not by my words, but their own ;) ). There was laughter tears, comedic relief, some silly dance routines, and even a blow up bull! I truly had a great time, and I can't wait to see what other adventures are coming your way!