I am fairly biased, as these are my stomping grounds. Most of my sessions take place in the valley around Craik. I am so familiar with the lay of the land, how the light interacts with each of my favourite spots, that coming here is a sure fire way to create magic. The valley offers beautiful views, old bridges, the lake, and trees - all within a few minutes of each other, so we can hit 2 unique locations in 1 session!


Nestled just outside Regina is the Wascana Trails Recreation Site, which is the perfect backdrop for photos! I must have a thing for valleys! Fair warning, we will walk around quite a bit - some of my favourite spots are further into this area. There is a little creek that runs through the bottom of the valley, not too far from the parking lot. This spot is great almost any time of year but can be tricky if it is muddy.


Just outside Saskatoon, there are multiple spots along the South Saskatchewan River that are excellent spots for your session! When the opportunity arises to shoot out there, I am so down. We can wander the trails alongside, find viewpoints overlooking the river, or even in some areas, dip our feet in!


I have only shot sessions here a handful of times, but it is one of my favourite spots in SK! I love the rock formation, and the rugged badlands terrain surrounding it. Located about 2 hours south of Regina, it is the perfect spot for your session if you are up for a bit of adventure. This is the best way to make your session an experience. Roadtrip out, find a local eatery on the way to stop for lunch or supper, and then get some photos in a super cool location!


These are always special places. Whether they are where you currently live, an old homestead, or an abandoned yard site, farm yards are always a great place for photos. I feel fortunate to get to explore other people's special places and create memories in locations that are personal to them!