about to get a bit sentimental...

This year in review post is a little different than the one I would normally create. This one is a bit more sentimental. 2020 was a year. We been through it! At times, it was scary, stressful, joyful, and pretty much any emotion on the human scale of emotions. I'm torn between being grateful for the slowdown this year, and being sad about all the things we had to miss out on. However you look at it, it is definitely one to remember. One for the actual freakin history books.

-'s of 2020

  • I miss so many people.
  • I want to hug my grandma again.
  • My baby sis postponed her wedding. I cannot wait for that day!
  • So many couples that adjusted their original plans - I feel for you guys.
  • Constant stress about covid, or covid related things, or how covid has changed something I love.
  • Not being able to travel. This is a big one.
  • Uncertainty.

+'s of 2020

  • I spent a lot of time with my family. I pulled out my camera to document our own crazy life more than I normally do.
  • We added a new pup to the fam. She has brought joy and stress, but I wouldn't change that for the world.
  • I was able to prioritize some things in my life. Things that are important became clearer.
  • I had the opportunity to create images I never "had time for" in previous years.
  • I met new people (from afar) and felt deeper connections with those I've been able to work with.
  • I photographed my loyal return clients (some more than once this year). To you, I am beyond grateful that you come back every year. I love watching your families and lives grow!
  • All the couples who got married this year! Your weddings brought me so much joy!
  • I am alive and happy. My family is alive and happy.
  • A viable vaccine was developed and is being distributed!
  • It's almost over ;) I know this won't really change anything, but it sort of feels like some closure.

With that, I'll leave you with my best form of communication. A look back at 2020. This is not a comprehensive collection of images, but so many that I love - of my clients and my family. Thanks for following along this year !

xo Nicole

Ps. These are not sorted into any particular order. Just a random assortment of some of the images I loved from 2020.