These 10 photos are must-haves at every wedding I photograph. Some of my clients choose shorter packages which don't always allow for the getting ready images, but I do my best to fake them, as I think they are in integral part of a wedding day.

1 | A Great Detail Shot

Detail shots are more than close-ups. They’re photographs that tell the story of the artifacts and heirlooms you have chosen as part of your wedding celebration. I prioritize making beautiful images that are crisp, clear, and focused on the items you have hand picked. Detail shots often include rings, dresses, invitations, hair accessories, shoes, and other special items. My favorite is for sure a good ring shot!

2 | Getting Ready Photos

There aren’t a lot of groundbreaking moments occurring as you get ready, but the beautiful shots that do exist are truly something special. Most couples get ready separately, so these photos are the only opportunity for you to see what your partner was doing! I Emphasize moments of action and emotion, and actually enjoy this part of the day a lot!

3 | THE Kiss

If you can only get one ceremony shot, make it worthwhile. THE Kiss is arguably the most important image of the ceremony. I am so happy when guest respect my space as a photographer and do not block the aisle trying to grab an iphone photo. I love it even more when the officiant and couple have my back and ask people to refrain from moving from their seats to take photos! Many indoor ceremony venues are quite restrictive when it comes to making ceremony photographs, so I try to scope out a couple prime spots to shoot from and minimize movement between them.

4 | The Aisle Exit

This moment is filled with so much joy and excitement, it is a must to capture at any wedding I photograph! Some couples spice up their exit with some flower petals, others stop for a quick kiss halfway down. I definitely recommend doing something to make this moment unforgettable.

5 | An Iconic Portrait

I make it a priority to make at least one iconic image specifically with my couple’s album (if they choose to get one) and online gallery in mind. Ideally it involves them in gorgeous light and a memorable environment.

6 | A Tasteful Kiss Picture

I always ask my clients to share a sweet and soft kiss during portraits. That pre-kiss moment is even more amazing than the kiss itself!

7 | One Location-Focused Photograph

Sometimes this shot is a portrait. Sometimes it’s a wide view of the ceremony or reception. Chances are you have carefully selected your ceremony, celebration, and photos space, and a gallery full of close-ups simply doesn't do your story justice.

8 | Individual Portraits

I like to compare this portion of "formals" to grad portraits. To me a wedding day is a much bigger occasion than high school graduation, and as such we should document you individually as well! Think about the countless hours you spent on preparing your look for the wedding day. Trying on clothing and accessories, deciding on what to do with your hair. I already know you look like a bomb shell, so we are for sure going to get some photos ;)

9 | Natural Moments

Replace the word “candid” with the word “natural,” and you have a more accurate description of what most couples actually want from wedding photos. True candid moments can be unflattering or dull. But natural moments can be as posed or un-posed as you like! I set you up in a flattering position in great light, then give you prompts for a natural moment to unflod. I also capture completely unposed images by being patient and decisive.

10 | The Last Photo of the Day

Every story needs a final photo – that one shot that brings the mood of the day to a close, and creates an authentic finality to your series of photographs.I'll either find a moment or create one to make a beautiful final photo that feels both natural and intentional. When I look back through my past wedding galleries, these images are often a dance between the couple, a golden hour portrait, the last kiss of the evening before I depart, or a candid moment.