"We never thought taking pictures would be so easy, and you made it so fun as well! So many photos of us laughing as evidence! I don't think we can have anyone else take our photos now! Thank you so much. We brag about you to everyone who asks!"


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i do things a bit differently...

Take a moment to read through my approach. In my life I have always found it is best to come into any relationship with honestly. This is no different! You are trusting me to photograph your special moments, so we should be on the same page!

If you're looking for a super posed, always looking + smiling at the camera photographer, you probably need to look elsewhere. I of course will capture some of those photos, but for the most part it's about capturing some more authentic moments.

The most meaningful photos come from the heart; your heart, your loved one's heart. Show me your heart, truly + authentically. Let me mirror back to you in the images I create. I care about the simple things in life. Walking around my valley, reading stories with my kids, laying on the trampoline looking at the stars, holding my husband's hand. This is love + life. It's not perfect, it's not like the movies, it's even better. Let's capture your real moments.

I am a master at noticing details. I also have wonderful "wait time", a skill I have honed during my teaching career. I am not interested in snapping photos just for the sake of it. I will wait for those perfect moments to capture your authentic love. I want you to feel something when you look at your images. Remember what your sweet baby smelled like; feel your partner's hand in yours; let your mind linger on the emotions, smells + events of your wedding day just by looking at a photograph. This is no easy feat, but I take great pride in my art form.

As much as I enjoy directing and guiding you, which I promise to do plenty of, I will also be letting moments unfold naturally. I try as much as possible to take photos of the in between moments. The ones where you are not paying attention to me + are being authentically you. My style heavily focuses on real moments. Real love, laughter, + emotion. This might seem tough to do for you, but the best photos happen when you relax enough to show your personality. I will provide prompts and guidance throughout the session to open you up to having fun, but the real good stuff comes from you. That might seem intimidating, but I promise it's a lot easier than you'd expect. Most of my clients start off the session saying "We're super awkward and will probably look terrible in photos", and end up completely surprising themselves with how easy things flow. By the end somehow that mindset has transformed from nervous and skeptical, into fun and enjoyment!

More than anything, I ask that you trust me. I have a game plan. I have an artistic vision. I want you to look as amazing as possible. I will have your back. Take that leap of faith + trust me!