First and last name of both partners

Please include the cell phone #(s) of the person(s) who I should contact in the event I need to reach you on your wedding day!

Best email for post wedding communication

Physical wedding products (if applicable to your wedding package) will be sent to this address after the wedding.

This will be the time I arrive to begin continuous coverage of your wedding day. Please keep in mind when coverage will end when deciding this. Ex: begin at 1pm and end at 9pm for an 8 hour wedding package.

This is the first location I will be at. Please provide the entire address. If it is a rural location please drop a pin or send a google maps link.

Please note, I am more than willing to stay past your official package end time. Hourly rates will apply after this hour.

Please list time/location (please provide a physical address) of preparation for the parties you'd like me to photograph prior to the ceremony. Keep in mind travel time between parties if wanting both photographed.

Check all items you'd like photographed. Please set these items aside in one place so I am able to photograph them efficiently!

*Please note: first looks are best as private and intimate moments between the couple. When other people are there, they simply do not have the same outcome as an audience often changes the way the couple will interact. Please consider doing your first look away from family and the wedding party.*

This is especially important if your ceremony will be taking place in a church.

Ex: No flash allowed in the venue, special performances, memorial to lost loved one, etc...

Please specify the order of events for your ceremony! No ceremony is the same, and this is especially important. Ex: the couples first kiss may take place before or after the signing of the registry depending on the officiant and venue.

Song you will be entering/exiting to, or any other special music selections.

This is an amazing photo opportunity! All your friends and family are around you smiling, cheering, and clapping!

Please consider receiving lines can take up to half an hour. If you do not want to do one, make sure you have a plan to slip away or you will get caught up in an impromptu receiving line. Often my couples will hop on a party bus or slip away to the first photo location for family pictures.

If you have a smaller family or wedding party 1.5 hours will most likely be fine! Just give me a shout if you're not sure how much time you should allot here.

This is very important. Use this area to list each family grouping (using names/relationships to you) that you would like during your family formals for the first partner. This list will help make things go very smoothly and will keep everyone organized. See below example: Ex: 1. Erica (Bride), Kadin (Groom), Karen (Bride's Mother), and Brian (Bride's Father). 2. Erica (Bride), Kadin (Groom), Karlie (Bride's Sister), Nicole (Bride's Sister) 3. Erica (Bride), Kadin (Groom), Joyce (Bride's Grandma) 4. etc..

This is very important. Use this area to list each family grouping (using names/relationships to you) that you would like during your family formals for the first partner. This list will help make things go very smoothly and will keep everyone organized. See below example: Ex: 1. Kadin (Groom), Erica (Bride), Lana (Groom's Mother), and Dave (Groom's Father). 2. Kadin (Groom), Erica (Bride), Nathan (Groom's Brother) 3. etc...

Ex: Deaths, Divorces, etc... you think I should be aware of for photos.

Please list those you have chosen to stand beside you on your wedding day, and specify their role (ex: Maid of Honour, Ring Bearer, etc...).

Please list locations you would prefer to have family, wedding party, and couples photos done at. If you are not sure that is ok! We can make a game plan together if we haven't yet! If you prefer to scout any spots on your own, please do it around the same time of day we will be taking photos! My biggest tip is to always have the light behind you, so we don't get any funky shadows on your face or squinty eyes!

*Please note, indoor locations suggestions can be provided, but the responsibility for booking/paying rental for the space will be your responsibility.*

Sometimes outdoor locations can be more difficult to get to or might get your wedding attire a bit dirty.

It's always good to have a plan B if it is too cold, or torrential downpouring outside! I can help you come up with some indoor options if you'd like! Please note, some indoor spaces require pre-booking or charge rental fees.

If you really want a certain pose or grouping this is the place to request it! Don't worry about things like "Bride with Bridesmaids", as I have got those bases covered. This space is for more specific requests. Ex: Champagne popping with the wedding party. Every attempt will be made to accomodate photo requests, but as weddings are unpredictable events, nothing is guarenteed.

Please list and specify any special event, traditions, or non-traditional moments (ex: shoe game) that we should be aware of during your reception. Any other information that you would like for me to know about your reception can be listed here.

Please note, at events where a meal is served I will eat at the same time as you in order to maximize coverage with little interference. For best coverage of speeches and other events, I do recommend seating me close to the head table/podium area, or at a small table just off to the side by the podium.

Please specify the order of events for your reception! It is helpful to know approximately what time speeches, dances, and other events will be happening.

First Dance/Father-Daughter/Mother-Son/Other important music selections.

This is highly recommended. Evening light is the best light of the day for photos, and will give you a chance to have a few quiet minutes away from your guests.

Shops purchased at, or who made/gifted them.

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