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It doesn't get much more dreamy than this evening couples session at Castle Butte in Big Muddy! Saskatchewan is full of amazing places. It is not just this flat land where you can watch your dog run away for days. Castle Butte in Saskatchewan's southern badlands region is just one example of the stunning hidden gems we have in this province! I've been out to Big Muddy before but as always, when driving up to the Butte I cannot help but be amazed all over again. All the elements of a desert, just a couple hours away from our major cities of Regina or Moose Jaw. The sand, the sage, the cactus, the wildlife - you would swear you weren't in SK! Do yourself a favour and check it out! Do yourself a favour and invest in family or couples photos out at Castle Butte! It is totally worth the drive.

For this session, Sydney + Travis were so freaking adorable, and were down for everything! I brought along my Peacock chair, exclusively available for my clients, to do some more voguish (or my version of vogue) style photos. 10/10 a gorgeous couple, breathtaking scenery, cheeky Donald Trump impressions, worth the drive!

Models: Sydney // @sydpschultz // & Travis // @travis6.7

Makeup: Brittany Roy // Velour Studio // @brittanyroy // Weyburn

Dress: Reclamation // https://www.wearereclamation.com/ // @reclamationdesigncompany Provided by Jenn Diehl // Ensoul Endearment Imagery // @ensoulindearmentimagery // https://www.ensoulimagery.com // Saskatoon

Flowers: Wascana Flower Shoppe // https://www.wascanaflowershop.com/ // @wascanaflowershoppe // YQR

Chair: Nicole Ehman // Focus 22 Photography // https://www.focus22photography.ca/ // facebook.com/focus22photography // @focus22photography