By completing the form below you agree to the following terms of the model release.

  1. THE MODEL agrees that THE PHOTOGRAPHER owns all images taken during the Photography Session. THE MODEL understands that the photos will be used on social media and the website of THE PHOTOGRAPHER.
  2. THE MODEL agrees that he/she does not have any claim to copyright, patent, or other ownership of the photographs. 
  3. THE MODEL agrees that no monetary gain may be acquired at any time from the sale of the images. This action is illegal and will result in legal action at the expense of THE MODEL. 
  4. THE MODEL understands that he/she may post images on sites including, but not limited to; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, social forums, Pinterest and/or through use in emails and agrees that he/she will credit THE PHOTOGRAPHER every time she does so.
  5. THE MODEL acknowledges that THE PHOTOGRAPHER will not be held responsible for the final destination of the images.
  6. THE MODEL agrees that he/she is at least eighteen years of age and able to provide proper identification. 
  7. THE MODEL understands the nature of the photography, and has consented to participate. THE MODEL is signing this contract in full competency, without being coerced, influenced and of his/her own free will. 
  8. THE MODEL agrees that he/she will not do anything he/she is uncomfortable with and will speak up at the time if uncomfortable with a certain level of nudity or a pose. 
  9. THE MODEL understands that the specified number of images (10) will be delivered as compensation for time. Additional images will available for purchase.
  10. THE MODEL states, by their own free will, that they have read and accepted all of the Terms and Conditions stipulated in this Contract.