Wedding trends for 2023

Listen, I've seen a lot of weddings, and trends come and go. I mean, some trends are truly horrible (let's not revisit most of the 80's please), but others are not so bad! Some trends stand the test of time, and become timeless classics that will always look good. Truthfully, you do you! But if you are looking for a few trendy wedding items and ideas, here are a few that are slated to be winners in my books for 2023!

*Full disclosure - I am not the most with it when it comes to trends. Some of these are trends that began last year and are still going strong.*


This trend is not new by any means, but has proven it's here to stay for some time! Pouring champagne onto a massive tower of champagne flutes gives such a fun, old-Hollywood vibe to your celebration. Just remember to have your party face on while you pour (not your focus face). The champagne tower is a modern day cake cute. You'll get great photos, plus your guests will all get to be included in the celebration!

Pro tip: Make sure the champagne is on ice or refrigerated prior to this event. Nobody wants to drink cold bubbly!

unique desserts

Instead of cutting up the actual wedding cake for dessert, many couples are now opting for unique dessert options that is more their style. A few examples I have seen recently include donuts, pie, macaroons and churros! This makes so much sense! Unless cake is your favourite dessert, why would you have it?! Might as well enjoy the desert of your wedding by choosing your favourite one!


It's ok to want these special moments to be just between you and the love of your life! These moments often are a lot more emotional when had between the two of you without witnesses. I've had couples read vows prior to their ceremony during their first look, as well as dip off after the ceremony together to a secluded place to have that special time together.

reception outfits

Many couples are now choosing to change into a more casual outfit for their dance party and it looks super cute in the photos! Some brides are hesitant to do this, as the idea of not being in their wedding dress all day is a big no for them, and that's fine!

However, for those of you wanting to do this, changing out after the main dances is a great option!

Going Green

As someone who is passionate about sustainability and being kind to Mother Natch, this trend is a big HELL YES to me! Helping out our planet will never go out of style in my personal opinion! Using eco-conscious items, second had and repurposed items for decor, and even finding foods and flowers "in season" is a great way to be eco-conscious!

Colourful weddings

A lot of couples are creating themed or inspired weddings, using lots of colour! Truth be told, I honestly don't think this trend will hold up for too many years before we go back to "minimal neutral" weddings, but it's so fun, that who cares?! The 70's/disco theme is a big one right now, and goes hand in hand with colour! I absolutely adore disco balls, so I mean, bring it on!