e + k

My baby sister and her fiance. I feel so lucky to have these two in my life. Even luckier for the fact that neither of them is a "bridezilla". Erica + Kadin should have been getting married today. Writing that sentence is like taking a knife (I mean maybe a tint knife), and sticking it in my heart. I feel so much for them, as this should have been their wedding day. This was the day that they were planning to dedicate themselves to each other forever on. Sorry to twist that knife in a little deeper, but it is important to grieve the day.

Now we are done grieving.

I love you little sis. And Kadin ;)

Let's move on to the celebrating part! The part where you both still have each other, and adorable pups, and supportive family and friends, and a cozy little home of your own, and big plans for the future, and the party of the decade to look forward too when we wake up from this covid nightmare! To celebrate I am reminiscing on your engagement session from last year. It seems only fitting to be having a bbq with you guys today in this same spot! Love you so much, and can't wait to witness your forever!