m + r

I would like to preface this blog post by stating it was very difficult for me to put together. This is only a sample of the magic that was M + R's wedding day. No amount of photos could tell their story fully, but I ran out of grid space, so this is what I've narrowed it down to. From beginning to end this day truly was an adventure for me. I've photographed over 60 weddings now, and I really had never been a part of day like this before. I have to tell it from the beginning though, so let's jump back to the day before!

M + R were married on a beautiful warm August Sunday in Jan Lake this past summer. The day before (Saturday), I was in Moose Jaw photographing another gorgeous wedding. For some strange reason, I figured it would be totally fine to drive up after my Saturday wedding, and arrive around midnight or 1am in Jan Lake. I had somehow formed the opinion that Jan Lake would be about 5 or 6 hours from Moose Jaw. I was incorrect. After my day in Moose Jaw I headed up to Jan. Sometime after Prince Albert I lost cell service, which I had expected (and luckily had downloaded all my maps and music ahead of time). I scared the heck out of the lovely couple by arriving around 2am, about an hour later than I had told them. Upon arrival the lovely M told me we would be bunking together for the night due to a check in error😜. This was totally cool with me, and as you can see by now, this wedding really did start off as an adventure.

The following day I woke up early, charged up some things (more adventure - the power was scheduled to be out for the day), and checked into my own cabin. I was jittery and excited all morning leading up to shooting. The groom took me on a tour of Jan, and where all the events would be taking place. I was able to get into the reception tent quite early and photograph all the details before it saw any disturbances for the evening.

*Sidebar - it's always really awesome to photograph the venue before anything else. That way all the decor

is exactly as you imagined it looking your photos!*

The day progressed into getting ready and details, of which there were many! The thought that went into this wedding is mindblowing. With each little detail, was some piece of the couple reflected. I loved seeing a day that was curated so perfectly to show who they are as a couple. There was such a special first look moment done with M's parents and bridesmaids. It was so worth it to see their reactions!

M + R also choose to do a first look, in a peaceful forested area. While the beautiful bride approached her husband to be, she played an original song she wrote for him. Watching those first moments unfold were absolutely breathtaking. The exchanged personal vows, and shared an hour together before the ceremony. I haven't been able to do such a long first look before, and it was sooo amazing!

After taking some photos, we hoped on a PLANE (yes you read that correctly), to fly in to their intimate island ceremony. I had never been on a floatplane before, and I was super nervous. But let me tell you, if you ever get the chance, get your booty on one, because it was such a cool experience. The year prior to the wedding, these two went out on the lake and scouted out the perfect island to have their ceremony. Guests arrived by boat, and watched them fly in. The ceremony took place on the tip of the island overlooking the lake. I was grateful to be able to witness it. The ceremony concluded with a confetti toss as they walked down the aisle - eco-friendly of course! They went and found hidden messages they had written and stashed on the island the year prior, and then had cocktails, laughs and some dancing as we waited for the boats to ferry us back to the mainland! During the boat ride back I watched the sunset, and just felt so happy and alive!

The evening got quite cool when the sun went down, so M + R and their guests gathered in that amazingly decorated clear tent I mentioned above to share a meal, some hilarious and touching speeches, and in general just a joyous celebration of their love. Around 11pm I slunk back to my cabin and drifted off while thinking about the day.

I am sure I missed so many details, and could have written so much more, but you get the gist that this was such a beautiful day, and I was so honoured to document it. I am always down for an adventure, and M + R did not disappoint! I wish you both many more amazing adventures in your years to come!

xo Nicole

wedding vendors

Photography: Focus 22 Photography

Venue: Jan Lake

Dress: Sweet Pea & Noelle Designer: Kathryn Bass Bridal

Florals: Payton's Place Designs

Suit: Colin O'Brian

Hair Stylist: Randi with Urban Trendz

MUA: Kristi Schaerer MUA

Caterer: Victoria Inn

Jewellery: Tilly Thomas Lux + Astara

Wedding Planner: Morgan Mayer + Priority Weddings-Flin Flon

Videographer: Brooklyn June