In the weeks after the pandemic began, it became very clear that the wedding industry would not soon be the same. 2020 became the year of the intimate wedding (or the postponed one). As we eased out of the initial lockdown of March and April, couples began to pivot and either postpone or reduce their wedding guest list.

Not gonna lie, 2020 was a hard pill to swallow. I just assumed 2021 would not be the same. I'm definitely not here to say it will be, but I think those heading into the 2021 wedding season would be crazy not to consider that. So here is where I'm going to throw my two scents in.

Embrace it, and get married.

There’s the hope of a vaccine being widespread soon, sure, but the chances of having a large wedding in 2021 are slim to nill. And I hope that doesn't stop you from saying your "I do's". The weddings I've had the privilege of being apart of this past year have all been beautiful, memorable, filled with emotion, and absolutely NOTHING short of a real wedding.

It’s not a microwedding; it’s a wedding.

Smaller Weddings Are Not Less Than

In the BC (before covid), elopements, courthouse weddings, and small intimate gatherings (the OG Microweddings) were often marketed to people who didn’t really want a big wedding for many reasons, mainly cost and people they'd rather not celebrate with.

Today, having a smaller weddings has a broader draw. The pandemic and restrictions are certainly one aspect, but there’s been a shift in couple's perceptions of weddings.

The more intimate weddings are not less than. They are powerful, beautiful, emotion filled days, that any couple can enjoy. They are certainly more customizable! There is room in the day for each and every individual you invited, or activity you want to do. One of my couples took time out of their day to go back to their home and see their dog. Another of my couples took the morning and enjoyed their coffee together before they got married, because that's exactly what THEY wanted to do.

My favorite thing about these intimate weddings is couples are doing what they want to do. You certainly don't have to take my advice or two scents to get married instead of waiting to see what next year brings. But if you do, I promise you won't be disappointed.